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Foraging Edible Wild Food and Medicinal Herbs and Plants in the Great Lakes Region

Upper Midwest and Ontario - Identify, Harvest, Prepare and Store Wild Food and Common Healing Plants The plants and herbs described in this book cover species found in the US Upper Midwest (States Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin) & Canadian Ontario.

โ€ฆ You can tell that nature does not care about state and country borders ๐Ÿ˜Š


This book is about:


  • Know your area: get to know the great lakes region from a foraging point of view. What edible plants and healing herbs can you harvest in the region?

  • Be a pro: Identify edible wild food and healing herbs and plants. To do this, we provide a detailed profile of 45 plants, including berries and herbs, and mosses.

  • For fun and independence: understand the potential of the described plants as food or for medicinal purposes.

  • Be prepared: learn to preserve and store your plants.

  • Learn how to cook your harvest to prepare a foragers feast for family & friends.

  • Plan your foraging trips with family & friends: this book offers you a great base for this with a number of addresses to campsites and learning centers linked to foraging and Native American ancient & modern history.

  • Last but not least: learn how to pick plants in a sustainable way for the environment and about the forating rules and regulations in the states around the lakes and Ontario.

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